BERLIN – 156 dinner + pick nick, 12/15/07

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  1. Anonymous says:

    your photos are getting better each day, what a inspiring ones! It’s affecting my personal style, for sure. I found more freedom in dressing after seeing ppl enjoying life! (Sorry for my english as a second language. )Anyway, i just want to tell you your hard work is making ppl happy! your photos are precious part of my life. Love from future assistant editor of vogue! See you someday!

  2. Thomas says:

    the boy!!!!the boyyyy!// vivienne

  3. I really love some of the poses these ladies busted out! The first girl with the cigarette, so chic and so perfect. And the last lady, I especially enjoy how she is not looking at the camera. Another set of stunners, thank you!

  4. scotty says:

    The second girl’s dress’ color is wonderful.

  5. Miss Elle says:

    Everything is so lovely.


  6. Cheri says:

    Such an amazing, beatnik styled set.

  7. Cheri says:

    Such an amazing, beatnik styled set.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Berlin, Berlin Berlin!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. the girl with the cigarette is astonishing.

  10. MEO says:

    io adoro il tuo modo di rappresentare le persone, le rendi piĆ¹ belle.. di questa sequenza amo la la prima, ma anche le altre sono fantastiche..

  11. Alyssa says:

    the boi is totally smoking!

  12. Fabulosa says:

    I love your photos!

    thank you for your inspiration

  13. Anonymous says:

    the 2nd girl is totally boring–just an american apparel dress and thats enough to get photographed? inspiration–purple?? …

  14. this set is really beautiful to look at- and the poses are fierce!