ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH – with a touch of yellow

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  1. Meri says:

    the tattoo is awesome!

  2. Helena says:

    Åh, tjejen med den gula, rutiga klänningen. Smak, sannerligen!

  3. Candid Cool says:

    wonderful photos, especially the 1st girl, I like the clever way she wore that top.
    definitely NOT the miami i remember

  4. deryik says:

    #3 shoes look like dutch clogs going high-heeled… its the color i guess, but it really is not stylish or cool or anything else for that matter – it looks oversized and has horrible heels. doesnt suit such a petite lady with such a nice brooch.

    tattoo is really nice but she could have avoided flashing her yellow tights from the cleavage. beads are cool!

  5. Frida says:

    I love the yellow shoes and the tattoo!

  6. vegemite says:

    love the tattoo with the shape of her dress! also love the tights!

  7. i dig that bruce lee meets jacky chan character. whos dat?!

  8. Puebla Chic says:

    love the oriental girl and loove the yellow shoes!

  9. Those yellow wedges are funky!