PARIS – the sisters from "I'm from barcelona", festival les inrocks, zenith + rue vieille du temple, 11/12/07

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  1. b.b says:

    it’s true that there was noone facehunt worthy last night. the crowd was looking at the musicians the way they look the walkers-by sat on the terrace of a parisian café.
    paris is such a bore. bloc party got it right: parents at the back , kids at the front.
    and You look disappointed

  2. Anonymous says:

    “LONDON” ??? c’est pas PARIS plutôt ??
    Et rue du VIEUX temple.. pas du “vieille”..

    Mais encore Bravo pour les photos..


  3. Secret Diary says:

    i quite like the face of the last woman. pigtails seldom work though….

  4. Charlene K says:

    OM MY.the sparkly leggings on #1 are just amazing!i soooooo want them!

  5. Anonymous says:

    they are the new leggings from american apparel

  6. Anonymous says:

    Julia tu trippes c’est bien rue vieille du temple.

  7. Girl says:

    I think the tights are a bit much for the first girl. Otherwise, her outfit is beautiful.

  8. Enny says:

    Oh my word, I’ve been looking for a black pinny like that for ages, but never mind that… I am completely in love with the shiny silver top in the second picture. I mean… the sleeves! THE SLEEVES!!!! I wonder where she got that from???