LONDON – brick lane market + black peter group show, catch + boombox, hoxton square bar and kitchen, 11/25/07

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  1. Secret Diary says:

    fantastic set. the first picture is great!

  2. chrischa says:

    i love number 3!

  3. number 1 is gorgeous….such a nice photo!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nbr 4 is very cool and nbr 6 too !

    Nbr8 looks so… tacky. I hate this shoes, who can wear it in 2007 ( except Ginger Spice ????).

  5. yo says:

    love the last girl!

    first guy would be really attractive if he weren’t wearing that…

  6. Jerry berry says:

    wow 2 very beautiful men in this one, no 1 looks like a younger more better noel fielding and his fur coat is incredible.

  7. Anonymous says:

    was thinking that about fielding re. the first pic. also – skinniest legs ever or what!!

    3 is very well done.. eye candy

    excellent set of pics facehunter :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Love the girl in the fourth to last one!


  10. at first i thought the first guy was wearing tights and he had really muscular legs. scary.
    then i realized his legs were really skinny and it was the jeans making the folds.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i hate number 3! That sweater was just awful, and it doesn’t make him anymore stylish to paint the pattern in his face. He just looked scary

  12. Mucho says:

    #6 is awesome.
    Great set.

  13. winst says:

    Way to set up the composition in number 3! The background image works perfectly with the sweater patterning/coloring. Too bad it’s more ‘novelty’ than mind-blowing.

  14. Girl says:

    Love the first guy.
    These are actually some pretty good pictures.

  15. chelsea says:

    Love number 4. seems like gray tights with stitching are everywhere
    like number 1 too. the scarf is awesome

  16. Puebla Chic says:

    I think i need some brown shoes damn!! oh and i love the second girl

  17. Anonymous says:

    love the first dude

  18. Karoline says:

    I love almost all of the pictures/people. Great selection this time!

  19. Karoline says:

    I especially like number 2 and 4!

  20. Anonymous says:

    N 4 is Nina Persson from The Cardigans? :-)

  21. Anonymous says:

    AHHH! no 1 has no legs…
    i like the sweater/ face paint look it may be a bit novelty but that makes it more interesting

  22. Lucy-Jane says:

    I want number 6′s shoes so so so so so bad, it’s making me crazy.
    Last girl’s are pretty cool as well…but oh man how I want those shoes!

  23. Anonymous says:

    one is beautiful. i also like two and five- great set of pictures

  24. nuthing is sexier than boys in furs, that teddy bear sweater jacket! i want!

  25. L says:

    anonyme: how sweet! no 4 is not nina persson from the cardigans, she is, however a swedish girl so not too far off then…

  26. Anonymous says:

    #3 is making me lol

    Number 1 is POTRO!

  28. Sam meringue says:

    note to the first guy:
    EAT MEAT, or wear REALLY BAGGY JEANS, cuz it scares me..
    If you love to, I will finance you..

    x sam