PARIS – the quiet night before the storm, le baron + la fleche d'or, 09/29/07

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  1. the last pic of the chick reminds me of Sophie Buhai in college when we were at Parson’s, you know the girl who designs VENA CAVA.

  2. Juliet says:

    the last pic’s girl’s necklace was beautiful .

  3. Candid Cool says:

    The last girl, cool chic

  4. I love that girl with the star on her eye :)

  5. Perhaps all is not lost. I too love the girl with the starry eye.

  6. Anonymous says:

    enfin de retour a paris!!! faudrait que j’essaie de me mettre devant ton objectif d’or!

  7. c says:

    the first girl is lovely. that little watch and ordinary cardigan look fantastic with the sparkly eye shadow, intriguing rumply skirt, and fishnets. and of course, that color blue! definitely an example of a whole larger than its parts.

  8. monica! says:

    the last girl looks just like rose mcgowan.

  9. BBeauuuutiful Leigh Lezark!
    come to mexico city lovely!

  10. Aw, the last girl is very pretty! I love her jacket as well…

  11. Nikita says:

    The girl with the star is.. Yazbukey, no ? Yes…

  12. Anonymous says:

    la dernière fille est très mignonne