NEW YORK – fashion week spring 08, 09/05/07

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this was almost a glasses montage. i love the girl in the last one. she looks so shy but so cute!

  2. The first briefcase is fabulous!

  3. Val says:

    this post was like an orgasm for my eyes, good post Yvan !

    ps. the girl in the pink dress reminds me a bit of Lily Allen.

  4. Candid Cool says:

    1. beautiful girl
    2. cool shirt.
    3. cool
    5. Incredibly chic

  5. chancie says:

    the last one is so hot!!!!! mmmm! :)

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    the last one is so adorable. makes me wanna do a handstand.

  8. kannsein says:

    now these are some huge nerdy glasses in the 4th last picture!

  9. masha says:

    the blonde girl dressed in black looks amazing and the golden shoes on pic #3 must be nicholas kirkwood, right? love ’em.

  10. Juliet says:

    fashion week really makes a lot of stylish people to come out of their homes to outside world and show us their great sense of styles

    juliet xxx

  11. anothercountry says:

    i am so tired of the ironic over-framed glasses.

    however, number seven’s got it right: glasses are goofy enough… but still adorable.

    also a fan on number two’s bouffant. a male bouffant always gets me going.

  12. Anonymous says:

    sam is so cute!

  13. dianabobar says:

    your latest photos are amazing!!!! I love you! I don’t think I told you that before…:P

  14. annlis says:

    the last photo, that girl is pretty and i love her glasses! and black dress is nice, too

  15. suzannah says:

    boy in the 2nd pic is very hot!

    and the girl in the last one.. omg she’s so lovely, wish i were at least half as cute as she is!

  16. the pink girl looks like katy perry…. regardless – precious look.