3 capitals, 2 months and 1 exhibition…

August 18 – 19: Paris
August 20 – September 13: New York (Fashion Week)
September 14 – 28: London (Fashion Week)
September 29 – October 7: Paris (Fashion Week)

October 1st: openining of the exhibition “From the Street to the Night” at Colette (Paris) with photos from The Cobra Snake, The Sartorialist, Patrick McMullan, Dirty Dirty Dancing, The Misshapes, Amy Arbus, Hans Eijelboom, Marco Dos Santos and… Face Hunter.

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  1. Café Mode says:

    Ca va être la crème de la crème cette expo, j’ai hâte de la voir, congrats !

  2. Emily says:

    ahh! i cant wait for you to be in nyc. you havent been back in so long. ill br hnging around outside the tents hoping to get in a street style shot of yours. or more importantly, trying to get in!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey kiddo, new york aint no capital…

  4. jennine says:

    ah, but new york is a capitol in the hearts of men…

    congrats love! i wish i could see the exhibition… for i’m sure it will be quite stellar.

    : )

  5. dévisageur says:

    Anonyme, let’s say NYC is “culture capital”…

  6. TILO says:

    “PARIS(19.) – NYC(20.) – Shanghai(21.century)”
    (Hans Eijkelboom – Photo diary)
    NYC is only one of the ‘main cities’.
    It was the cultural capital, but it isn’t anymore because of the stupid repression …
    Free NYC!!!

  7. char(on)line says:

    kooups! sorry but NYC is not a capital!!!!