NEW YORK – union pool, williamsburg + on the street, soho & lower east side, 08/30/07

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  1. Anonymous says:

    those pictures are just amazing! i love the asian boy<3

  2. khadija says:

    2nd and last picture, amazing!

  3. Candid Cool says:

    Mr. #2, Most Adorable Guy Ever

  4. Anonymous says:

    amazing asian boy

  5. Haha, looks like we all have fallen for the asian boy. He’s rather adorable!
    I like the 4th girl as well. The pink in her blouse really makes the outfit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    all the guys that appear in this blogge look like anoretic junkies!

  7. A.M. says:

    bow tie! i love you!

  8. eric says:

    the girl on the bike is just the cutest thing alive

  9. Anonymous says:

    yay for the oriental

  10. swall says:

    Numbers 2, 3 and 5: I want to kidnap them and take them home with me!

  11. vincent says:

    the army girl is awesome i think i saw her at beatrice inn – not sure though

  12. Zelwigga says:

    Missy on the bike-you are the face all the hunters want mounted on their gun room walls. BANG!

  13. wall says:

    That girls with the handle bars
    that is the girl I would fjord a river with

  14. gilbert says:

    #3=biker=cute – hey darling wanna have indian food on tuesday?

  15. huntme says:

    I have a bow tie and a bike and plaid and beads and a big white bag and antlers which Im wearing right now. Along with my smile and charm and intriguing atmosphere about me Ill just wait here on 5th street and 2nd Ave ’till that hunter comes and shoots me.
    Flash! I here comment bells ringing..

  16. cage says:

    Seven robins singing their fashions
    One fell off the first branch tangled in her beads
    One blew off the highest branch carried by his bow
    One tripped over some dots and fell into her pocket
    One flew out in the snow becomming lost in white
    One moved away so she could fist fight her hat
    While one was eaten by an elk for being all that
    Leaving the sweetest robin ever to sing
    Leaving that sweet sweet robin to ride her bike around all the tall trees rings. Sing biker bird.

  17. Dave says:

    the bow tie guy is a treat! he made me feel enlightenment power just by looking at him. thanks bow tie guy

  18. The first woman has such a cool old-time Billie Holliday thing going.
    And love the boy tie on #2!
    Great finds!