NEW YORK – six six sick, happy ending + bar 205, 08/28/07

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  1. Anonymous says:

    faves #5&6

  2. Anonymous says:

    the concept of the see-thru dress is very SS08.. like it


  3. Anonymous says:

    oh, the girl on picture no 6 is one of my favourite bloggers, sandra!

  4. Snapshotcrew says:

    these girls are great.

    want more.
    greetin’s, spiegeleule

  5. Kat Walks says:

    all the important ones, no doubt. but why not the six sic sick girls?

  6. Alex says:

    goodness, would have never thunk that a souvenir city shirt (Toronto guy!) could be used in such a way. :D haha. awesomeness.

  7. Frida says:

    Sandra =)Always so gorgeous!

  8. Anonymous says:

    jeeesh!!! i love them all…so stylish!!!

  9. WendyB says:

    Everyone looks great.

  10. Anonymous says:

    who is guy number 5? i keep seeing him everywhere, and he always looks great.

  11. jackie ♥ says:

    1, 3, & 5 are my favorites. great pictures!

  12. Candid Cool says:

    1. Debonair dandy

  13. A.M. says:

    ooh i like the last girl’s shirt, and i’m typically not about the shiney…it has great shoulders.

  14. No. 6 looks lovely. Very simple, but it really works for her.

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    I was at Happy Ending the last time I was in NYC (back in March?) and have totally danced with #1.

  17. Anonymous says:

    aah,im in love with the 5th guy!! :D:D:D

  18. Gabba F. says:

    nr 1- is he playing in The Horrors?

  19. Annika says:

    YAY SANDRA! The prettiest girl in Sweden. And, apparently, in NYC too.

  20. Appetite says:

    I love that party!!

    going tonight