COPENHAGEN – on the street, vesterbro, + center + norreport, 08/06/07

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  1. MuchoMaas says:

    #2 is sublime!


  2. I guess that #1 is the coolest pregnant woman i’ve seen photographed ..

    #2 has such a great contrast between the dark background and all those colors!! al like the stripes combination in #5…

    great work, is always an inspiration for us..


  3. Anonymous says:

    Even better than Stockholm.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    true, very boring

  6. Anonymous says:

    very boring and jeremy scott pants on pregnant woman- not cool

  7. donnamarie says:

    I adore your blog, and the lines of the backgrounds of these photos are amazing! I’m particularly in love with girl #4.

  8. trawerse and longitudinal stripes are energetic

    pregnant woman is so peachy, great

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yvan, you’re a very talented photographer, i love your work!
    love from switzerland

  10. Lise Ulrich says:

    This is Lise from the Danish fashion magazine. I’ve tried emailing you again over the past weeks about the article, but keep getting error messages. Please email me with your favourite looks from the blog when you see this message.

    – Lise Ulrich

  11. Anonymous says:

    Last pic’s dress is cacharel! AWWW! LOved it but,coudn’t afford it! :(

  12. Maria says:

    the orange belly is just a winner

  13. maria f says:

    # 8
    I´m in looove!