COPENHAGEN – fashion week ss08 (2/4), 08/08-12/07

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  1. stine says:

    RUUUUUUUNNNNNiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……… (only boy today)

    fresh as always !!!

  2. jupiter__xx says:

    i love pictures number 3 and 6 ! ! gorgeous outfit both !

  3. The draping on 3 is perfect!

  4. George says:

    where are all the guys?! more guys!

  5. faithzilla says:

    I love number 5! And the number 9 dress is fantastic!

  6. love the high-waisted looks!

  7. MuchoMaas says:

    sɐɐɯ oɥɔnɯ

    ˙uɐʌʎ uıɐƃɐ sʞuɐɥʇ

    ˙ǝlqıpǝɹɔuı sı ʇsod sıɥʇ ‘spɹɐʍuo 5# ɯoɹɟ

  8. alexandrovna says:

    #7 is wrong wrong wrong!! waay wrong

  9. Anonymous says:

    all a bit predictable or is that just me

  10. ce n’est pas chaque année où vous rencontrez une nouvelle photo sexy de rue qui a également la banane bonne!

  11. jackie ♥ says:

    3rd to last outfit is gorgeous!

  12. love you Ivan.

    mmm come to Nz sometime

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cinquième ; purité sensuelle.CS