COPENHAGEN – fashion week ss08, 08/11/07

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  1. Annika says:

    Hey, the cute shy girl turned out great, I love her! The bus girl scares me of course… And you know I think the designer’s girlfriend is totally hot. Like, hot and natural – that’s not a usual combination for me… You know I usually prefer them really young and with a lot of make up and showing a lot of skin… or was that you?! :)

  2. Tekå says:

    OMG! I LOVE Copenhagen! Are you going to face hunter at Oslo Fashion Week? :)

  3. jackie ♥ says:

    ahh i love the 3rd look! :)

  4. donnamarie says:

    I want #4’s legs and #2’s tan!

  5. hanahran says:

    The outfit and composition of the second picture photographywise is amazing I LOVE IT