LONDON – durrr, the end + on the street, aldgate east & shoreditch, 07/16/07

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The second picture reminds me of my skool uniform , all the girls pull their skirts up high and undo the top buttons and wear heels :)

  2. I don’ t speak english but I voulais only say : it’ s dommage que I am not in this blog because I’ m the Elegance make woman ha ha ha ha !!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love them all. expecially theold gentleman, lovely.

  4. odilean says:

    the black bob looks too severe in the summer.

  5. LUCY LU says:

    isnt that you in the third picture? lol you have finally run outta beautiful stylish people so are just posting pics pf yourself? Well never mind you look lovely.

    p.s. If that isnt you I think we have discovered your long lost brother.

  6. xie says:

    i love the last gentleman… so elegant.

  7. Homme says:

    From what I’ve seen from your pics, this is London and there’s nothing more to it. It’s just always the same stuff.

    I’m bored with London :(

  8. Anonymous says:

    c’est ton petit frère avec la chemise à carreaux

  9. Peterson says:

    Yvan, where did you get those fabulous pants?

  10. Juliet says:

    The pretty blonde boy in the fifth photo down is most certainly Connan from Connan and the Mockasins. Awesome.

  11. Elin says:

    Those are pants from Cheap Monday, the swedish brand.

  12. ryandavidp says:

    I love the high-waisted mini. Who’s going to put that into mass production. Hott.