AMSTERDAM – op straat, jordaan & spui + trut, 07/22/07

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  2. Anonymous says:


    Amsterdam’s people + bike
    = BIG LOVE :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    the ligth in the second picture is very pretty, cool pic!
    great site.

  4. cha-cha says:

    ha, somehow i saw none of fashion going on in amsterdam last time i went (april)…must have been blinded by some certain thing… good shots as always :)

  5. ben says:

    1 – Bad hair, bad cardigan/dress.

    2 – Her bike is much too big, but all else seems to be okay…

    3 – White high tops! So very random with the rest of what she’s wearing, yet somehow it’s not so bad, but they’re way too clean, how does one keep white shoes clean? This girl is crazy, but that’s obvious.

    4 – I can’t tell if it’s a guy or a girl…

    5 – Love it.

  6. Iris says:

    1: love it, I want that vest!

    2: simple but cute

    3: What is she thinking?! my god. The combination of the trench coat with the sneakers and tights gives me the creeps.

    4: Love the pants and boots. Is it just me but isn’t it obvious it’s a guy?

    5: Simple and cute!

  7. Gaurav says:

    Good ..
    Hey You can view my Blog its also Good

  8. we don’t have that kind of bikes in buenos aires… at least i haven’t see them.

    beatifull work as usual, thanks for the inspiration.

    see our buenos aires street style >>


  9. jennine says:

    i’m envious of the europeans, mostly because they can wear hot pink spandex without looking like a total freak.

  10. Anonymous says:

    people have to stop trying so hard style is natural not so forced as the do..