VEVEY (switzerland) – myplayground design hotel 07, hotel du lac, 06/01/07

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  1. Sympa la veste avec la guitare !
    La dame pipi …
    Bon travail comme toujours


  2. A-Laurre says:

    I know wonder how much time she actually spends in french public toilets…

  3. Candid Cool says:

    The boy infront of boxes, really like his white sweater/jacket.

    Beautiful black silk kimono

    Pretty LWD from the woman on couch

    And gorgeous pleats on the emerald top

  4. BrgnStil says:

    Love the necklace on the first girl. Rad

  5. love the chain necklaces :)

  6. labyrne says:

    The girl in the blue dress is the most inspiring and perfect pic.


  7. stéphanie says:

    Mais cette fille, ak un legging noi et une blouse blanche se serait pas la créatrice de Doux me: Caroline Wachsmuth????

  8. Anonymous says:

    Je aime la femme avec le t-shirt français