PARIS – men's fashion SS 08 shows + party with andrea crews and sweatx, paris paris, 06/28/07

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  1. Amaury says:

    Oh my! Good hunting.

  2. gem t ball says:

    all the components of no. 1 are great but together its a bit of a mess… the whole headband&glasses&shawl looks like hes trying to secure his head to his body!

  3. Anonymous says:

    seen, seen, seen…everything seen already in London … much before…

  4. hello stupid says:

    maybe seen, but i like it.

    guy in the 3rd pic- oh my, love at fisrt sight!

  5. hello stupid says:

    oh, sorry, 4th pic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    adore the last one


  7. Anonymous says:

    gerri: that first guy with girl shoes!!! eeeeeewwwww~~

  8. First guy is trying way too hard. It’s great to have a big stylee toolbox but you have to show restraint as well. The space age goggle sunglasses could be great for example but don’t complement anything in the ensemble. The girl sandals are just unflattering. Those two items removed and replaced with something more tasteful would result in a solid look.

  9. Candid Cool says:

    The white dress is gorgeous

  10. sandrine says:

    La première fille est ravissante
    Suis moin fan du reste mais c’est OK

  11. mizan says:

    when i see the blog it’s very slowly showing me. It should be fearable………………