MADRID – on the street, malasana + gran via, 06/23/07

Hello, I’m in Spain for 5 days. Madrid untill tomorrow and then I go to Asturias, somewhere in the North of Spain for a photo shoot. I’m gonna try to post something everyday;) Back in Madrid on Tuesday evening and in Paris from Thursday for the Men’s shows. I’ll post these next days my dates about my Summer Euro Tour. And now, here we go with Madrid’s sunshines…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These outfits are simply magnificant.
    I love the wayfarers in the first two outfits, they really add a funky flair to the ensamble.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s no simple feat to be stylish when it’s hot outside.

    Nevertheless, the Spanish seem to be able to pull it off each time.

  3. e. says:

    which part of asturias are you going to be in? i can believe you´ll be here! hoping to see your great shoots! e.

  4. the second one is gorgeous !

  5. Allure says:

    I live in Asturias (somewhere in the north of Spain…) ;)

    I have to say I am very surprised, because the place is very small. And you won’t probably find anything interesting apart from the landscape.

  6. Fabi says:

    dreamy madrid and dreamy outfits. perfect!

  7. Eira says:

    The second one is just amazing!

  8. db says:

    Asturies is incredible, the music, the people and the landscape.

  9. db says:

    Oh, and the women are beautiful all over spain.

  10. Anonymous says:

    very stylish and creative!

  11. Mapi says:

    The first one rocks it all.

  12. mays says:

    i own that last dress.