HELSINKI – koffin puisto + new arrivals, design forum + vuokko nurmesniemi, design museum + finnfashion party, svenska teatern + redrum, 06/14/07

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  1. Alaska says:

    #1: Reminds me of Billy Childish. More men should have moustaches like that.

    #5: I’m a little unsure of the grey tights but I love the rest of the outfit. Also – how beautiful does Helsinki look?!

    #9: Simple but elegant.

    #13: Supermodel.

    #16: The green bag instantly caught my attention, but the whole look is fantastically put together.

  2. Candid Cool says:

    3. simple & chic. I think the all black ensemble showcases her interesting accessories.

    10. Gorgeous tunic. I’d want one for myself.

    14. she reminds me of velma from scooby doo

    16. I like the overall slouchy + skinny shapes

  3. Gabriella F. says:

    well done, that’s why I love Scandinavia. ;)

  4. Narah says:

    I thought u would come to Sao Paulo Fashion Week, wich so far, based on your pics, looks much more fresh, inovative and beautiful than the Finn one…it`s all so alike…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was ther to. Ther wher lots of personaly dressed people ther… Expecialy the dude whit silver shirt!! That was so cool. Why you down’t have picture of him?

  6. eurobrat says:

    I’m so happy you’re in Finland.

  7. what do you think of the “finnish style” in general? (yeah, I’m finnish) … I’m starting to feel bad that I didn’t come to Helsinki…