NAKED FACE HUNTER – filmmakers wanted!

With a production company, I’m working on a web-reality-show project called NAKED Face Hunter. The concept is simple, a filmmaker is following my adventures in every city I visit, all around the world, to make a video that will be broadcasted on Face Hunter, MySpace and YouTube every week. You’ll know at last what’s going on behind my pictures…

If you are a filmmaker or if you are interested by the project, you can contact the producer here. In fact we are looking for people in cities I’m gonna pass by these next months: Belgrade, Madrid, London, Vevey, Venice, Helsinki, Paris, Roskilde, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Emmaboda, Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York, Reykjavik and anywhere else. It’s gonna be lots of fun, promise.

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  1. Glen says:

    About time you come to Los Angeles.

  2. victor says:

    nice idea, and very curious about the result.

    i wish you good luck :)

  3. girl from an imaginary film says:

    Hey! you should come to Buenos Aires some time!! I’d love to help you on your project!
    great blog

  4. Elise says:

    hi, i love what you do but don’t you think that one of the interest is that your picutres are never about you ? Maybe making a film will make it all seems much more artificial …
    Any way i live in Paris so if you need any help in here contact me.

  5. Poster Girl says:

    Sounds fun, do let me know when you come to Los Angeles!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    i have to agree with elise. i enjoy what you do but making films about you doing what you do seems a bit premature. anyway, good luck with the project. i’m sure you’ll find a good filmaker in the u.k.

  7. Caroline says:

    are you going to the roskilde festival?!

  8. Hey that really sounds like a super idea. Interesting & innovative!
    looking forward to seeing it!

  9. victoria says:

    Emmaboda..does that mean you’re going to the music-festival in emmaboda in July? you should!!
    Never seen so many people wth such a great style, you’ll love äem! maybe see you there!

  10. al~.~ says:

    munich is great – you absolutely should come here to find stylish ppl!! loeds of greetings

  11. Joyce says:

    Amsterdam! Love to help you with your project, I live in Holland so maby.. We’ll see! Do you have more information for me? Email/comment me please.

  12. :) says:

    kult bilde! you rock facehunter

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Tyler says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing your films. I do, however, agree a bit with Elise. Part of what I love about Facehunter is the bit of mystery. I’m worried my infatuation will be spoiled if I see too much…

  15. SH. says:


  16. prep says:

    emmaboda? why u goin to that peice of shit for a contrytown?

  17. eurobrat says:

    intriguing concept…

  18. Fractale says:

    Great pix and nice project!

  19. mays says:

    come to philadelphia!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Go FOR IT!!!

    Who is telling you not to do it is only heavily jealous.

  21. angelica says:

    what are you going to do in emmaboda? odd choice of town to visit if you ask me :) when are you going to be in stockholm?

  22. luli says:

    how cool you put that one up ;)
    we wait for you in madrid, dont forget to contact us when youre here!

    and i will take more polies of the man at work!


  23. dévisageur says:

    hey hey I’ll probably go to Emmabode for the music festival at the end of July and then go straight to Stockholm and Copenhagen. LA will be at the end of August. Roskilde Festival to be confirmed soon. see you around.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why emmaboda?! It is a small not so urban ..everyone looks like an H&M campaigne…sad but true..any how good luck…would love to see more of balkans Zagreb or Sarajevo,Tirana, Pristina, Ljubljana…and so luck and have a gr8 time in Sweden..get back to me if u need a place to sleep…