MADRID – astoria, nasty club, 05/24/07

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  1. Tim says:

    now THESE are good.

  2. Lilian M. says:

    I’d like to be a girl just to have the legs of the first lady.

    I love the dress.
    I like the 4th man too, for personal reasons :)

  3. AMAZING. all of them.

  4. marina says:

    Hi. Your blog is great ! Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    my god, #1.
    pale perfect legs + dark hair + t-straps + a cute little romper = my fantasy

  6. Anonymous says:

    i’m a heterossexual girl but i’m in love with #1…

    now, look what you’ve done!

  7. Its a nice site and one thats on the list to be covered :) expect a post soon…

  8. Candid Cool says:

    the printed dresses, esp. the 2nd one, are beautiful

  9. Anonymous says:

    isn`t the first girl Chicnatalie?
    and the sixth one, drifting gipsy?
    kisses form chueca, madrid. excellent job!

  10. MuchoMaas says:

    I swoon for #1.


  11. maeir says:

    Love the look for the first girl, not for everyone, but she realy pulls it off

  12. Anonymous says:

    Like the 70s YSL-esque Mondrian dress.

  13. Pandabelle says:

    Wowwww, I’m in love with the last girl’s dress. Gorgeous.

  14. I knew spanish girls were hot !