LONDON – blond readhead gig, koko + soho + mihiki, 05/30/07

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  1. Honeyrock says:

    So cute with purple tights ;D

  2. Anonymous says:

    why do the people getter sadder and sadder as you go down this post? cheer up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah, I agree with anonyme. don’t you tell ’em to smile. some of them are posing like a model, but it looks just fynny. well well, many pictures are superduper wondelful, so, please, do not stop take pictures.
    however, I liked the outfit to the last one.

    kisskiss ^~^
    ‘ ‘

  4. Anonymous says:

    The girl wih the afro hair is so cute, I think I saw her in Paris, La Perle. Or otherwise she’s just very much alike that person.

  5. the cute with purple tights is ok
    but her shoes are not ok
    But your pictures are ok


  6. Anonymous says:

    cute haircut #2!
    and I think u mean blonde redhead..?

  7. Anonymous says:

    the anchor guy’s from the late test icicles

  8. eurobrat says:

    Blonde Redhead is amazing.

  9. kathleen says:

    Love that guy in the hammer and sickle sweater. …I want that sweater.

  10. Anonymous says:


    warm colours. lovely

  11. Linda! says:

    Love that guy in the hammer and sickle sweater.

    …I want that sweater and the boy.

  12. davey says:

    The red sweater would have gone down a treat at my Russian party!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    oh my word I love love love the first girl’s outfit.

  14. Oi. Livia says:

    fools! the girl with the dog badge. she is the best.

  15. David says:

    What a fantastic site. I only found you because you took a pic of my friend Sara. Who is by far the most gorgeous of the lot. Love it. Well done and keep up the good work. I love the shots which show as much attitude as clothes. You’ve definitely got a book in the works. Good luck with it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hammer and sickle jumper boy is Rory ex-Test Icicles now Rat Att Agg – he has the skinniest legs in the universe!