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  1. Candid Cool says:

    Perfection! Perfection!

  2. Laurem says:

    check out the new street style blog from brasilia, capital of brazil.
    hope you like it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i hope that you´re going to go back to madrid soon.

    madrid loves fashion!

  4. Lauren says:

    I love the fox sticker on her suitcase!

  5. That dress is rather amazing!

  6. Anonymous says:

    natalia X 3 !

  7. Anonymous says:

    it’s the girl everyone was in love with from the rompersuit pic at nasty. she is divine by day and by night! those legs and the pretty prints and complexion…

  8. I love it all! The dress, the girl, the feeling of freedom and travel…It’s great!

  9. Anonymous says:

    think i’ve seen the girl before..have to say that she looks so like you Yvan! Is it maybe your sister?