LONDON – on the street, hoxton square, brick lane, shoreditch and oxford circus, 04/04/07

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  1. mavis says:

    i’m in love with all the beautiful people and outfits.thanks for the entertainment!

  2. panda head says:

    those topshop shorts are everywhere and they are driving me crazy because they AREN’T MINE. i guess i’m going to have to throw down for some international shipping…

  3. strikes says:

    Loving all your photos from London! Looks like you’ve been going to all the right places… I see familiar faces here and there hehe..
    Don’t know how long you are staying in London, but you should definately head down to Trailer Trash, AntiSocial, and Boombox. You’ll find many many picture worthy outfits….=)

  4. Carissa says:

    I’m not usually a fan of brown, but I love it on the first femme.