LONDON – durr, the end, 04/02/07

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  1. PLAY says:


  2. h. says:

    how old are these girls? twelve?

  3. Anonymous says:

    love the blue on the first pic
    cool girl too

  4. i don’t understand why these londoners with big tummies keep on wearing those high waisted shorts.and ribbons around the neck are getting boring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    who do you mean by ‘these londoners’- do you mean londoners in general or the ones in the photos?

  6. kitty-san says:

    Love the last look! sory, not bored of ribbons yet..

  7. Londoners in these photos, don’t worry..’you should cut down on yer pork life mate get some exercise!’ as damon albarn gibbered..
    (i am not a namedropper.) lol
    no walker chips!

  8. the_kitten says:

    i think u should really spend more time shooting in LDN as I think you are perfect matches! love your LDN posts!

  9. kop says:

    No. 1 rocks…!!

  10. Kim says:

    i dig the last girl.

    been looking for gloves similar to those the first girl’s wearing- i don’t suppose anyone has any recommendations?

  11. sugar says:

    I don’t see any big tummies here, they look like healthy, normal sized women to me. The beauty of this blog is that we can check out photos of regular people off the street who dress in a (mostly) fun, fresh and interesting way.

  12. Candid Cool says:

    the 1st’s gloves! I adore them

  13. Maria says:


  14. danusia says:

    oh, people say this club the end in london is awesome! lots of celebrities around…! =) gawd, i’m so groupie!


  15. m says:

    gosh! the rhastafari is so weird and so out of the rest…

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m with sugar. I don’t see any big tummies either.

    It’s cool to critique a look or photo of something you like or not. But when you you start bringing in someone’s city/country whilst insulting them – isn’t that just racism, xenophobia or ignorance?

  17. Anonymous says:

    the person who made the “big tummies” comment is from france. nuff said! oh, and also blind – the girl in the short shorts is HAWT! (with NO tummy)

  18. eurobrat says:

    #1 looks like an original pin up.

    Cool set…

  19. you are a sad sod. yes i am from france yet it doesn’t prevent me from saying that french are the worst dressed people in europe. and english girls have deformed bodies and excessive fat.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Rouge, i’ve seen your myspace. You really need to spend as much time as you do with your lipstick on thinking about the dribble that comes out of your mouth!

    I am so glad that my girlfriends are worldly, glamourous and….nice! I am French too, so it is no attack on your ethnicity!

  21. Luli says:

    I’m not tired of ribbons either! That girl looks amazing.

  22. why are you anonymous anyway? don’feel inferior with the tummy you’ve got, girl.

  23. stephanie says:

    i love the bows. and i don’t see this apparent tummy problem on girl number 1. THE END

  24. aurelie says:

    “and english girls have deformed bodies and excessive fat.”

    That is so ridiculous to assume all the girls in the pics are english. London is the most racially diverse city in the world – I would imagine many of the people in the whole London series of pics aren’t british – sometimes London doesn’t even feel british due to the amount of foreigners working in every shop, restaurant, bar etc … & many over your fellow french country folk … I mean, south kensington is all french pretty much … they all come here due to paris being so dull [p.s – i’m paris born & have nothing against it but it’s pretty dull compared to london]

  25. Hedy De Vine says:

    I love that last girl’s outfit. I would love to know where to find a top like that.

  26. samantha says:

    you are all so clueless,the first girl is kap bambino who is french! and yes she looks fabulous
    the girl at the end looks a bit boring
    none of those girls are fat
    rouge or whatever get ova yo sad self
    dont hate because he isnt photographing you and your probley predictble attire

  27. Durr’s awesome! Love it there…
    …and I love to party with lots of well-dressed people around me! As for the celebrities- you got one right there! The second girl’s the singer in a band called The Violets. So yes- you get “celebrities” but surely not Katie Price or the Royals!

    London Love for everyone!

  28. Aira says:

    It’s like you’re on a miisosn to save me time and money!