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  1. Hanna says:

    If I meet you on the street I would probably feel like I’m standing in front of the american idol-jury. :)

  2. Bella says:

    Is that interview for a magazine or just for the web? I would really like to have it if its in a mag.

  3. wska says:

    Poland is NOT a smaller place! It is a 48 million people country! maybe not the capital of fashion, probably;), but not a smaller place! hugs from poland:)

  4. AG says:

    to WSKA: Yvan said “smaller places than London and NY”, so, do u think places are bigger in Poland? :D

  5. gabba says:

    I didn’t know that Poland, where I live, is smaller than London or NY. ;]
    You take wonderful photos but it’s your total ignorance. O.o

  6. wska says:

    London and NY are not countries:)
    Warsaw is a smaller place than L and NY, surely is:).
    So it is a misunderstanding, then. Or a total ignorance…

  7. dévisageur says:

    My dear Polish, I know that your country is big…
    I was meaning small places IN Poland, like Gdansk were I was in January…

  8. CARABINE says:

    ah tiens, ça parle de marie là-dedans.

  9. wska says:

    ok, then:)
    i love Your pictures, btw.
    do come!