PARIS – pret-à-porter fw 07/08 shows: dries van noten, bassin du trocadéro + christian lacroix, jardin des tuileries, 02/28/07

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  1. victor says:

    woman on second: wonderfully original kitty.

    the blond with glasses. Love her fashion style, but her makeup and her broken white glasses are really too much.

    devisageur, sorry could you remind me what is the digital cam you are actually using? Thank you!

  2. Galufante says:

    Can’t believe it…yellow tights with green sandals, pretty short shirtskirt with black tights, rubber boots and violette heart-printed tights, violette tights with black sandals…where can i find this paradise???

    I celebrate women wear sandals with tights…why not???

  3. Marc says:

    La fête du collant ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    adore the girl in the clogs and t-shirt and also those heart tights!