NY – on the street, east village, 02/09/07

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  1. AGRZEGDALA says:

    like from missing city
    extraordinary monument
    wild animal
    god, lot to write aboyt her….!!!

  2. xie says:

    i love that you don’t really take pictures of people who have “good style” persay… they’re just people who have their own distinct brand of style, and they are unashamed to be rockin it.

  3. me098 says:

    she does wear leather top to bottom (almost), and has that huntingkilling strong thing with her face.

  4. Play says:

    Is this by any chance Clarina? I shot her in that coat in Zurich a couple of weeks ago! It would be such a funny coincidence:-)

  5. dévisageur says:

    play, yes it’s her…hahaha