NEW YORK – vionnet launch cocktail, barneys, 02/02/07

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  1. eurobrat says:

    femme 1 = bellisima

  2. the_kitten says:

    woah! that shiny lil things on girl 1 and 4 – drop dead GORGEOus… i always wonder what parties you must join to always find such great and dramatic styles.. invitation only

  3. Madame K says:

    In a time where I find women’s clothing ironically lack-luster, I am often suprised and inspired by the fashionable gent. The man in this group looks as if he’s from another time yet the textures and patterns are contemporary. Sans le chapeau, Il est parfait! C’est magnifique!

  4. Anonymous says:

    yes, i do admire photos on this blog – there’s no dobut about it. BUT i think that you’re sometimes using a wrong technique for this kind of portrait shots (first photo here – bad perspective – lady doesn’t look natural)
    I think you should buy some dslr camera with prime lens (canon 350D + 35 mm? 700$) and photos would be better!

    (sartorialist uses 5d + 50 mm = almost focal lenght of 400/350d with 35 mm, but 5d is a costy one… anyway his photos ARE good ;)

  5. Danielle says:

    the first woman is perfect

  6. Anonymous says:

    A good photographer can take a good shot with any camera. I thought the point of Face Hunter was the use of ‘snapshots’…why make a huge photo production out of it? People get overly butt-kissing with Sartorialist’s photos. He brags about the expensive equipment he uses and gets mediocre shots.

    BTW: #2…early Madonna is…like…so uncool…gag me.

  7. Candid Cool says:

    i am loving the 3rd dandy. well done sir! love the colors, textures, details, and the chain of the waist coat

  8. Anonymous says:

    oviously peole in NY know how to make a statement.ACE!

  9. Anonymous says:

    shit, i wasn’t saying that this should look like pro-foto. yeah, snap-shot style works great, BUT i don’t like that effect of bad proportions (too wide lens setting and too close?). fixed length lens is a cure for that, or – using a better technique.
    also, better camera = better colors/contrast (that’s always nice to look at)

  10. c. says:

    first woman is absolutely gorgeous, and loved the shot (she looks VERY natural and the perspective is great/interesting!)

  11. Galufante says:

    #4 Nice golden dress with nothing under but black tights…
    #6 Really original outfit playing with tights and long socks…chapeau…
    #7 Gorgeous legs covered with superb tights…love them both…

  12. the girl with the black tailored cargo onesy and fur hat topping it off… god, she’s awesome. love it. love it. love it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    big up for “hatman”