After 3 weeks with negative (celsius) temperatures in NYC, I was thinking I need some warm weather. Hopefully I’ll go to Moda Lisboa from March 8th to 11th. WOW! I’ll cover the most important fashion event in Portugal for and of course for Face Hunter, and then spend 3 more days to explore local street style. By the way, I’ll be back in Paris on Sunday for the Ready-to-Wear shows… and more.

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  1. AjBesta says:

    …espero que gostes de Lisboa e que voltes para conhecer o resto do paĆ­s…

    …boa viagem..

  2. cristina says:

    you really should go to bairro alto at night! it’s where all young portuguese people get together..there you can find same really interesting and cool styles..2 bad you can’t visit the rest of the country..specially braga (my hometown)..oh well..enjoy!!

    love your blog (i’m a really huge fan)


  3. k says:

    At last you come! You have no idea for how long I have wished that you came here. Will be really interesting to see what looks you’ll snap here.

    Hope you enjoy our sunny warm country.

  4. Diana says:

    I hope you enjoy Lisboa, it’s a beautiful city. You will get some great street style at Chiado in the afternoon. And enjoy our fashion at Moda Lisboa.

  5. great!! maybe I can hunt you in Lisboa’s streets!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well moda lisboa has now become a little bit more how should i say “tia” (there is no translation in english). But Lisboa is always worth it, there will probably be that beautifull lite,(like no other in the world) and you can spend your afternoons runing trough bairro alto, go and smoke a joint to the adamastor( the view from there is beautifull), catch the eletrico to Belem for some pasteis and then end up the nite again in bairro alto drinking througth the street while you run from bar to bar in an ever moving see of people. Wish i coud be there but i,m stuck in snowy Toronto:(