OMG! Motorola Brazil has invited me to the next Sao Paulo Fashion Week in a fortnight. They are going to do a big blog showcase with six other international coolhunters/trendspotters. Can you believe that less than a year after posting what were then ‘just some photos on a blog’, I get the call saying “Hey, wanna come to Brazil, man?” It’s incredible: after snapping the stylish in Paris, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Reykjavik, New York, Geneva, Zurich and Gdansk, I’m finally packing my bags for the warmer climes of South America. This is my programme for the next two fun-filled months:

until January 21st: Paris
Jan 22nd – 30th: Sao Paulo Fashion Week
Jan 31st – Feb 24th: New York (including Fashion Week and The Armory Show)
Feb 25- Mar 4th: Prêt-à-Porter shows (Paris)

( photo by the cobrasnake)

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  1. mercyk says:

    brilliant indeed

    such an inspiration you are!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am soooooo happy for you! Congratulations!!!! You are doing a great job: you have such a great sense of style, a great sense for extraordinary people!!!! I SOOOOO do love your blog, my dear!!!! Looking forward to see your brazil, new york, paris-pics!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:


    The brazilians are not the most fashionable, but oh so friendly and charming people…

    …and the girls…i’m sure you’ll find some of the most beautiful over there..lucky man!!

  4. Candid Cool says:

    excited to see face hunter in brazil

  5. S. says:


    We should all be so fortunate to hear “hey wanna go to Brazil man?” on our next call. But, you have certainly earned it.

  6. Maria says:

    be ready for some southamerican action, dear FH.

  7. welcomeeeeeeeee i see you there i am also be invited for to write about the event from ag407 ;)) and You must to try to stay some days at Rio de Janeiro too, where i come from !!!
    i am one fan of your blog I was post before about your link there and many braziliens like too your link ;))
    So 2 X congratulations ;)))

  8. Jeff - Vogue Brazil says:

    That’s great.
    Welcome to Brazil.
    I’d love to interview you for Vogue website, which will be launched in february… Can we meet?
    Kind regards

    Jeff Ares

  9. I.K.B says:

    les fameuses lunettes que tu as volé à bill gates :+)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations man, I so totally love you and your blog.

  11. Faceadelphia says:

    Congratulations! We love your blog! Looking forward to FaceHunter Brazilizian edition.

    BTW, we noticed in your City style watch that you don’t have any blogs from Philadelphia… Check ours out:

  12. u_magazine says:

    see ya very soon

  13. I’m starting to say fortnight because of you.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Congrats, Yvan! :D

  15. congrats! i love seeing all these cool things happen to you! it’s heartwarming. :)

  16. lwrender says:

    dude, you have a great time over there and dont forget to visit local fashion special=Carandiru :D
    silly question, would you mind posting links of the rest of blogers?
    pretty pleaeeeeese
    : )

  17. Anonymous says:

    creds man!

  18. Xavier says:

    Congrats. I’ve seen you in action and you deserve it. Last december you turned a dismal little party in le 20e into something far more interesting. Photographically at least. It’s a power! Best wishes for Brasil and NYC. Knock’em dead.

  19. Anonymous says:

    congrats have a great time
    i love ur blog its different (in a good way)=D

  20. jackets en mass! says:

    love ur blog, good inspirations good luck for good pics in Brazil!

  21. Anonymous says:

    thats so cool! whos the girl next to you in this pic? cause she looks like my friend fumi, who photographs for fruits and street magazine..

  22. dévisageur says:

    well done, it’s Fumi

  23. Anonymous says:

    That shade of lipstick looks fantastic on you.

    Looking forward to the Brazilian version!

  24. sam drade says:

    brazil is cooooooooooooooool!

  25. Anonymous says:


    Welcome to Sao Paulo :-) Would you give me an interview for a Brazilian fashion blog?

    Graziela Medina

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great blog! you gotta get some folks from stockholm to!

  27. Anna says:

    Oh my god, what a great picture. I think I just fell (more) in love with you!

  28. Merci-full says:

    So, how was back in Brazil?
    Any coverage?

  29. Lola says:

    OMG! congratulations! I’m Brazilian and I loveeee soo much your photos! It will be just great to see Brazil in this blog! kiss