PARIS – openings in le marais, sutton lane, emmanuel perrotin and dominique fiat galleries, 01/13/07

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  1. ambika says:

    Love the black wrap coat/dress with dark tights and nude shoes. So simple but so chic.

  2. Candid Cool says:

    i like the woman in the kimono, great hair.
    also i love the look of the girl in the chunky sweater, great face.
    and i like the last woman in the cape.

  3. Lilian M. says:

    I love your works.

  4. Anonymous says:

    u certainly have a nack for shooting freakish looking posers……..and what’s with the pigeon-toe stand????
    once in a while you score a good one and that’s why i keep coming back….till next…

  5. Anonymous says:

    i like the third girl and the last girl.

  6. mareGa says:

    First girl. She couldn’t make it better! That is style, no less…

  7. Maria says:

    there is a scary lady in this set.

  8. Anonymous says:

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    I think it’s great to share, to see how people match their clothes and accessories together. Anyway maybe I’m dreaming a little bit but who doesn’t intend anything, doesn’t get anything.

    If you know anyone interested, it’d be great to talk about it, if yourself you find the idea interesting, of course!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    nr.1 – cool and chic–ILOVE!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The third girl is so hooot! It is just how I like to look. Now I want to cut my hair and buy a new lipsticck!

  11. Anonymous says:

    i really like what shes wearing it looks really nice and elegant at the same time