ZURICH – performance, la perla mode, 12/27/06

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  1. hustina says:

    Quelle belle robe!

  2. victor says:

    i agree.
    And badges well placed

  3. F.A. says:

    you’re on pagesix, darling: very best of 2006

    “47. Facehunter.com
    While the city’s fashion-obsessed rave about the New York street style captured on Thesartorialist.com, this year’s new blog Facehunter.com – kept by an ex-pat living in Paris – showcases truly unexpected looks that have a far
    greater chance of trickling up to the runway.”

  4. Maria says:

    Page six! woooha!

    The connotation here is the contrast in cultures and subcultures (not only geographically) as a more fertile ground for fashion expression. Mr. face hunter does not hangs out only in well populated streets, but he goes where the daring and innovators are.

    Congrats my dearest! fruitful explorations!