PARIS – on the street, saint-germain-des-prés, 12/6/06

tech news: I use now a new camera: a Ricoh GR Digital, I hope you’re going to enjoy the better quality.

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  1. Stavros says:

    I like the old man, pulling the burberry london trench.

  2. Maria says:

    Did you got the camera for the style mostly?! Pretty retro, liked it.
    I’m actually looking for a new one: light, easy to carry, nice looking…yours seems to have all those. I like the Leica, but its seems that it has had many reported issues.
    Anyhow, I’ll enjoy your work even if is a skectch on a napkin!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The quality of these pictures is stunning. Look forward to seeing more pictures taken with it. Keep it up!

  4. Christina says:

    The epitome of French chic!

  5. Chloë says:

    Oh man I’m loving the woman in the middle.

  6. Stavros says:

    I want more pics, lol

  7. stockshaker says:

    solid work buddy!

    this site is my secret pleasure of the day. I’m a style fanatic.

    Like the camera, but am I the only one still swears by the Canon camera?


    Keep it up. and maria, your picture really freaks me out.

  8. Berlinbound says:

    Love the red beret topped outfit …

  9. Maria says:

    stockshaker: thanks, creeping out with poodles and soul-less pretty girls is always interesting to me.

    About the canon: way to flashy for my taste (D.Rebel). It works wonders (performance wise)…but you have to attend it like a crying baby:you have to allocate too much delicate attention, space, and agility to it (design wise). I prefer a high design camera -yet high performance-, rather than a giagantic high tech wonder.
    The Leica D-LUX 3 is my fav.

  10. Emily says:

    I Love these three! So nice to see people over 30 looking so stylish! And a beret always makes my day.

  11. eurobrat says:

    If I saw those two women on the street, I would probably faint. Especially #1. What a great coat.