PARIS – on the street, rue du roi de sicile, 12/16/06

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  1. mina says:

    Immonde! vulgaire!

  2. Maria says:

    Kitsch and totally personal.
    Following formal conventions of what is culturally acceptable is so mediocre.

  3. mina says:

    It’s not following some conventions to find something vulgaire or not. it’s just a question of taste ( si ca se dit!). nothing to do with what is culturally acceptable

  4. Maria says:

    taste is shaped by the culture, it is not a “truth” or static perception.

    Vulgar is refered to the VULGUS: commun people, so it has to do totally with what is culturally accepted.

    Why do you equal vulgar with unpleasant?

  5. mina says:

    taste is totally shaped by culture or no? i’m not here to debate on this philo question!
    there is a misundersating about the word ” vulgaire”. i don’t employ it as “common” but as “grossier ( sorry i don’t know the english word for it!)). the word “vulgaire” have different meanings..

  6. eurobrat says:

    Wow. What a face- what an outfit!


  7. e m i l i e says:

    J’aime beaucoup le look … A m├ęditer =)

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow, what a cool outfit. and the girl is pretty, too.