PARIS – christmas cocktail, palais royal, 12/8/06

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is this site really just a tights/pantyhose/stockings fetish site in disguise? i sense a theme with the majority of these photos.

  2. angelica says:

    it’s been a while since i’ve checked your place out but damn everyone is so hot it makes me wanna commit suicide! keep up the good work mayn.

  3. Maria says:

    was the theme of the soire, “winter-tights for girls”?

  4. Adrian says:

    me want me a bow tie…:heart:…

  5. Lacey says:

    all red, i really like all red

  6. Candid Cool says:

    lots of spectacular tights. the 3rd shot is my favorite of the bunch. now the 4th picture is interesting to me…i find that when you’re young you can almost get away with anything.

  7. Q says:

    Parisiennes are into the tights trend head on! I thought they’d be one step ahead of Americans and be onto something else by now… And the last girl makes a strange resemblance to Irina Lazareanu??

  8. gabriela says:

    the last outfit… wow!

  9. Camille says:

    I truly do love your work!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The 6th picture. Is it a Bernhard Willhelm shirt?

  11. Isa says:

    Love the first one! What an elegant lady! With those tights she doesn’t need to worry about making any other statement (and she doesn’t!).

  12. S. says:

    Wow,the nearer we draw to Christmas the odder things get! A pin giraffe, Mini Mouse, some odd perspective and a near fatal crotch shot!

  13. Emily says:

    People typically look like fools while making kissing faces at cameras. . . Somehow this girl succeeds in looking totally cool!

  14. punky b says:

    i think i recognized 2 people: on the 6th picture it’s eric lebon, a clothe designer that i met at the last Hy√®res festival, and the last girl looks very much like a famous rive gauche bobo named jen… aren’t i right?

  15. eurobrat says:

    Wow… some of these are editorial worthy. Love all of the tights. And Monsieur Hamon’s bowtie.