Since last summer, it’s like every media in the world wishes to treat of street style blogs. I get nearly one request a day. It’s incredible. Here’s a selection… (France), December 06:

WWD (USA), December 06:

Blond Magazine (Germany), December 06:

Elle (Italy), November 06:

People (Sweden), November 06:

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  1. Andre says:

    You are also in the new issue of GQ Germany!

  2. Maria says:

    Power to the people!

  3. bird says:

    you have a wonderful blog and deserve all the attention you get!!!


  4. Q says:

    Isn’t fame splendid?!

  5. Stavros says:

    Super congrats Yvan!

  6. yeah~! i read that article in “blond”! something about you and 2 swedish blondes at a party having a good time? ;) but seriously, i am really impressed by your talent of finding all these people! congrats to all the media coverage, as well! sue

  7. mareGa says:

    well sweetie that because you deserve it! though i have one question: when are you going to start featuring latin american style? mexico for starterts?

  8. Darling says:

    Fière de toi, jeune français .

  9. Anonymous says:

    well done yvan, now you should start charging the magazines who feature you on a regularly basis, you give them that extra freshness they so longly desire – so dont waist your talent by giving away your pics for free – stand up for your product/brand.

  10. Hedy De Vine says:

    congratulations! you deserve the publicity–your pictures are wonderful.