STOCKHOLM – on the street, södermalm, 11/19/06

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  1. Maria says:

    i love looooong red hair!
    I can see it…

  2. Ellinor says:

    I really like your photos and the style of people that are in it.

  3. Klara says:

    The outfit is dressy and stylish even though she’s keeping it down with mixing different earth colours, love it!

  4. Klara says:

    or is it a he? i’m confused :P Love the outfit anyway;)

  5. margret says:

    I love red hair. Well, I’m a redhead too.

    Love your blog, check it out as often as I can. Like that you’re visiting other countries and showing us the variety.

  6. begüm says:

    looks as if the only reason people are leaving comments here telling n’importe quoi is that they want to be clicked on, non?

  7. Carissa says:

    I love the color palette.

  8. sara says:

    it’s a he and he’s a model! he’s hot!

  9. Anonymous says:

    nån som vet varifrån skorna på bild 2 är ifråv? :)

  10. k. says:

    that’s right, begüm. and it’s working.