STOCKHOLM – film festival cocktail, nordic light hotel, 11/15/06

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  1. Candid Cool says:

    I wonder did her glasses have lenses?

    Loved all their smiles.

  2. S. says:

    Love the giant retro glasses (like I had in grade 6) and the socks peeking out of boots.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seriously who wanna wear glasses like that? Not nice.

  4. maeir says:

    The girl with the long hair and glasses (4th picture?) I’ve been seeing many a doppelganger.
    She’s hot but…
    I take a little bit of an issue with this look. I can’t tell here, but most of the chicks I’ve seen rocking this look have been wearing lenseless glasses- I don’t like the trend. At least have the decency to wear the style right. Like my friend joe says, “it’s pretty lame to make fun of handicapped people or to feign a speech impediment just to sound cool, so why is it ok to wear glasses when you dont need them? Especially lenseless ones?! It’s like wearing a cast if your arm isn’t broken”

  5. d says:

    svenskene kler seg mer kreativt. uten tvil!