PARIS – jalouse in space, galerie playstation, place des vosges, 11/29/06

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  1. begüm says:

    Frédéric Fréderic Féderic, j’ai passée toute la nuit en rendant homage à ‘memoires d’un jeune homme dérangé en lisant ‘l’egoiste romantique’.15 ans de décalage et tu reste la meme, avec plus de name dropping, je t’admire, tu me connais deja, la premire ‘grand journal’ de la rentrée avec charlotte te jure.
    viva boboïsation!!!!

  2. m. says:

    ooh! iloveit iloveit!

  3. S. says:

    ALL fabulous. Love the metalics!

  4. Minny says:

    What a beautiful pink elk-printed dress. A brilliant pop of life!

  5. Boccador says:

    beig, si tu viens ici, sache que tu es mieux sans ta barbe

    (et essaye de pas prendre le volant dans le même état que la derniere fois à la prochaine fête de la musique)

  6. eurobrat says:

    Erin keeps turning up…

    These pics are amazing. What a cool looking party.

  7. Stavros says:

    The first guy looks so fake. I mean, attitude related.

  8. Q says:

    Je suis jalouse de ces hipsters, that’s what.

  9. Marissa says:

    I love supersonic, and that colourful dress over the black tights is orgasmic.

  10. Stavros says:

    How can I not see some Dries bling bling cardigan around here?

  11. Chloë says:

    1 is awesome, metallics done in such a different way. I am strangely drawn to 4, even the washed out pink hair (must be my nostalgia). 6 looks very chic in a Star Wars/Balenciaga way. 9 is the girl we all definitely wanna be, but whats by her neck and on her right shoe? 10’s jacket is the shit. 13 has very cool individual pieces but I’m not sure about her look, especially the hair and lipstick.

  12. Emily says:

    Isn’t the gal with the pink hair that cute designer that makes the ruffley girlie dresses?
    My fav is definetly the blonde with the bob and silver metallic dress. She wears her outfit, it doesn’t wear her!
    There is something so odd about the people wearing metallic sci-fi dresses with long brown hair. They look like they’re in costumes.

  13. Aurora says:

    Love it – love it – love it!!! All the metallics and every picture!!!

  14. k. says:

    <3 #9. besides, is there any other dries?

  15. Portillon says:

    Oh, Valentine! she is so pretty (&cool).

  16. lils says:


    ALL the girls look so fuckingfantastically cool and very modernist.

    heck, i wanna dress like it’s 100 yrs from now!

  17. Anonymous says:

    HOTTIE on the fifth pic