REYKJAVIK – iceland airwaves, 10/18/06

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  1. mina says:

    waow c’est clochard land!!
    non mais c marrant ces looks, ca change!

  2. Hills. says:

    Brave dude, daring to wear ruffles! Utterly stylish, me like longtime…

  3. Ton Ami says:

    je crois que c’est ma série préférée.

  4. As Glam as the parties are, I am happy to see the street fashion again!

  5. Sus says:

    I absolutely love your blog, and I feel inspired to move to France because of it! I would love to read some other blogs from people who lives in france (maybe Paris or Montpellier?). You know, blogs about everyday life in France and about parties. There should be some hipster blogs out there right;) ?

    I hope you have some examples for me!

  6. ambika says:

    I love how it’s all thematic! Red, houndstooth, etc. The red tights & gloves…so great.

  7. m says:

    you also need to visit southern europe like Portugal, Spain and Italy!
    And then you really must go to Asia… China, Japan, Thailand and so on…
    Great pics from Scandinavia though… they rock!

  8. Carissa says:

    Oohh I love the ruffled tuxedo shirt on the guy, what a doublely ironic outfit.

  9. makiii says:

    l o v e
    l o v e
    L O V E
    I T T T

  10. all this pictures are fantastics, the ultimate “vintage” looks
    me encantan, estas buenisimas :)

  11. eurobrat says:

    wow, lots of houndstooth…

  12. Anonymous says:

    omg, what’s with the girl with the bangs and golden bum bag??
    she’s got the most beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair and adorable smile…

  13. ÁSA says:

    the top photo is totally the best one. awesome model. yeah!

    see you tonight! the last airwaves night is always the best one. if you dont pass out.
    love, ása

  14. Anonymous says:

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