PARIS – midnight, la perle, 10/10/06

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  1. i’m loving the little hint of red @ the bottom of her shoes. HOT!

  2. Clar says:

    Is it now officially cool to wear non-opaque black tights?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I miss you my

  4. Mathea says:

    she just looks stunning :)

  5. ambika says:

    Patent leather heels & a motorcycle. Doesn’t get much sexier than that.

  6. mina says:

    ce blog est devenu trop consensuel!
    et l’art ne l’est pas. des photos qui font l’unanimité ne sont pas interessantes. j’ai visité ce blog apres avoir lu dans Elle que vous photographiez les visages les plus siginfiants. c’est vrai qu’il ya des clichés tres interessants et inattendus mais souvent, c’est juste des gens qui suivent la mode et qui n’ont rien de particulier. et les tendances presentées sont d’un commun! les meilleures photos, dernierment, sont celles de new york je trouve.
    je prefere une sequence courte et originale à des dizaines de photos mettant en scene M.tout le monde.
    les commentaires seraient d’autant plus interessants

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Maria says:

    Mina, I see your point, but consensus are made by understanding or being constrained by the context.
    I do think Parisians are way more conservative in their “deviations” to the point of sublimation…That is the beautiful nature of romanticism in the literal sense.
    NY is totally braking molds, therefore it seems more contestatory , but it has to do with the way traditions are read and rules are bent. I do totally agree about the homogeneity of judgments

  9. Anonymous says:

    The question is: Is this art?

  10. dévisageur says:

    Mina, Nothing new. Paris is Paris, it means: very conservative, not adventurous and sometime elegant. NYC is NYC: innovative, individual, surprising… If you need to see more crazy stuff, don’t miss the Iceland photos next week.

  11. mina says:

    of course you’re right. I just find that street fashion is a bit boring, cause it’s, very often, the transposition of magazines styles! that’s probably why i prefere new yorkes styles( audacious, particular..). paris is a city of creation,of art,we have so many greats stylists. but following trends automatically is an injure to haute couture. that’s why i enjoy too see sometimes fotos of people who have a very particular style in this blog!

  12. A creative says:

    NYC is is the home of the more important artists of the time. The exhibitions are way better (of course there are fantastic galleries and places in Paris). But NYC has nothing to envy Paris in terms of being a city where cretives work. There are way more creative workers per capita in NYC than in Paris, only by mere resons of economy and above all : social mobility. Paris is rooted in tradition. Long ago were left the days of social revolution trough the every day.

  13. Interesting to see a little intellectual debate happening in the comment box.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “There are way more creative workers per capita in NYC than in Paris, only by mere resons of economy and above all : social mobility.”

    That´s the marxism creativity in action… Poor NYC

  15. mina says:

    marxism creativity in action in NYC?! on aura tout entendu!

  16. Anonymous says:

    POOR NY?
    Definetly the bohemian ideal of people that fight the “machine” by being contemplative is not very American…that lifestyle that encourages a certain despise for the worker, and assumption of a “being better” by just patronizing those that work as berears of shame. A life style that sets aside “the blessed” away from those workers uncapable of consumming the beauty by mere contemplation. THAT is classism at its best.

  17. maitresse says:

    GOD New York sucks. And I should know. I’m a native. The hipsters might appear to be “innovative” and “surprising” to a visitor but stay there long enough and you realize they’re rapidly reproducing conformity.

    Paris, at least (my adopted home), has taste. Something NYers have as well but those are a dying breed.

    I’m buying a pair of Louboutins are soon as I sell my novel.