PARIS – le bal jaune (ricard), centre georges pompidou, 10/27/06

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my GOD !! Elle est magnifique, cette fille avec les escarpins blancs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alors, la femme avec la robe blanche, Lauren Ricard, n’est ce pas… incroyable, hyper tendance. tu connais toujours les meilleurs soirees, yvan.

  3. Wow, that first outfit is stunning. Not many people could pull off a dress like that!

  4. ambika says:

    I love that enormous plaid print. So different, & the colors are gorgeous.

  5. victor says:

    yummy serie

  6. Les boots, magnifique!

  7. eurobrat says:

    These keep getting better and better.

  8. Linnea says:

    I love the last photo. The Nina Ricci dress is so beautiful!

  9. saturnienne says:

    le garçon est mignon, demi poète demi artiste, demi mannequin..

  10. quelputaindeblog!! says:

    i usually think that colour coordinating looks as retarded as if you let your mother dress you up….. often i see vivid examples of it in this blog…… but the girl in the first pic pulls it off so nicely that i must say, you are the exception girl….. nice

  11. Anonymous says:

    the first and last dresses r sooo great

  12. jen says:

    no 1 is so stunning!

  13. Carissa says:

    That guy in the white shirt and gray sweater and beautiful hair!

  14. Anonymous says:

    i’m loving the first girls outfit. she makes it work.

  15. _nm** says:

    the young man has the best hair, ever!

  16. KOP says:

    All of the outfits are stunning. Like the last one, looks like an angel!