PARIS – lanvin ss07 show, école nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, 10/8/06

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  1. NATRIBU says:

    I like very much the blue bag!

  2. Maria says:

    adulthood has arived but in this case is all fun. Good set.

  3. Lacey says:

    I love the last pic… what a unique blend.. and the dress is super cute

  4. de acuerdo el ultimo vestido es divino y la forma de usarlo…super! :)

  5. Art Tip says:

    Painting Tip

    Try not to divide any element in your artwork in half. This especially includes the temperature of the painting.

    What I mean is – it shouldn’t be half warm and half cool. Warm colors are like fire – red, orange, yellow and brown. Cool colors are like water and grass – blue and green.

    If your painting is mostly warm, add a little cool for contrast. If it’s mostly cool, add a little warm to spice it up.