Iceland: probably the highest style density in the world

I’m just back in Paris. I have to say how amazing is Iceland. Imagine a 190’000 souls city 200 km far for Arctic Circle where everybody is creatively dressed . I’ve never seen such a high style density elsewhere. Reykjavik is definitely a hotspot for inspiration. Sublime landscapes and lovely people. For the first time I didn’t meet any too-cool-for-school folks, 100% of the people were OK to be face hunted. Last Sunday, the national newspaper Frettabladid published this:

For those who are not fluent in Icelandic, there’s a traduction on

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  1. tks for sharing with us! :> Great shots in iceland :>

  2. Anonymous says:

    totally cool… and i love the website its beautiful now i want live in reykjavik…………………………..

  3. Jonathon says:

    The shots from Iceland were fantastic!!!

  4. Rebey says:

    Face Hunting is Waay cooler than Whale Hunting!

  5. Zoe Fisher says:

    your whole blog is wonderful!
    all the people you have shot are really amazing!
    i am truely inspired.

  6. Minny says:

    that’s amazing! so nice to hear you had a great time with some great people. hope you got to soak in the springs? makes me wanna go really badly.

  7. S. says:

    Wow, does everyone in Iceland have access to fabulous vintage or does it just appear that way? Where do their clothes come from?

    They are all fearless! I wish Hollywood could be like that.

  8. Style Scout says:

    Iceland looks great for style I must organise a trip soon, viewed from London by Robert

  9. answers…

    I think they have good vintage, they travel a lot and they mix the pieces freshly.

    I just went once in Blue Lagoon (huge hot lake) for a party… Otherwise I didn’t have lots of time for the countryside.

  10. Highest style density? Iceland? Dude, get your ass to NYC.

  11. penny says:

    i might be lame asking this, what do you mean by too-cool-for-school? what is facehunt-able?!

  12. Thank you very much for the amazing iceland pics, i love the coolness and the individuality of that people, they are really expressing themselves trought the clothes. :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    you haven’t been to stockholm!

  14. It must be a land of extreme personal style, as it did birth Bjork, no?

  15. Ysande says:

    You are a true visionary, and there is no place, as it seems, that you can not capture style, except maybe my city. Cleveland, OH is almost 99% devoid of fashion. I challenge you to come here and prove me wrong. :)