Face Hunter in GQ November 06

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  1. Congratulations! What a nice plug for your blog – “a high-tech version of lunchtime girl-watching”. I have been imprisoned by an evil ogre in a drab dungeon at the point on the planet which is farthest from Paris both geographically and culturally, and reading your blog is a delicious breath of fresh air during my otherwise dull workday.

  2. NATRIBU says:

    Congratulations from Spain (Barcelona)

  3. Randy says:

    Big ups from the USA, though I personally think there’s a lot more to it than just girl-watching. Keep up the great work!

  4. Carolina says:

    Congratulations Yvan! keep up the good work :)

  5. Cheri says:

    Congratulations!!! You truly do have an eye for fashion, and I’m so proud of you! I’m gonna’ pick up GQ just to read this article!

  6. Minny says:

    congratulations on the good news and reviews! i think gq perhaps cleaned it up a bit didn’t they? funny.

  7. oooh la la.. cest tres cool!


  8. Maria says:

    Your work is very inspiring!

    I can not say the same form the GQ editorial…it is all about cute girls as opposed to girls that don’t are all about being only cute…if you catch my drift.

    Very male oriented…begining the article with the alusion of porn…pleaaase.

    I think you are not as norrow as this editorial is.

  9. Maria says:

    I’m aware of the editorial process of magazines, so I know that you are showcased acordingly to their own agenda. SO, good for you!
    I just don’t like the approach of the GQ editors gave your work.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ton petit truc à toi, c’est la lumière dans le regard, la malice, ce qui compte ce sont les gens, les fringues restent accessoires, comme ça doit l’être


  11. Jana says:

    mes féléciations! et continuez!!

  12. kelmurphy says:

    Look at you! Up, up, and away!