the last NY Fashion Week pictures, 9/14-17/06

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  1. _nm** says:

    vanitycase and trousers coordinated, that is extraordianry!! sooo fab’
    some great pics as usual

  2. Tes photos sont vraiment wicked…merci de me livrer de l’inspiration presque tous les jours!

  3. makiii says:

    L O V E
    T H I S
    B L O G

  4. ambika says:

    I like the eyeliner on the woman in the snood-like sweatshirt. She reminds me of Veruschka.

    And the geometric coat on the dark-haired woman–just wow. She looks like an amazon.

    Wonderful pictures.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oo i want the guy in the purple pants :]

  6. Anonymous says:

    DITTO about the dude with purple pants. WORD!

  7. sof says:

    men at the 3rd and 7th picture from the end are gorgeous!