SWITZERLAND – stylish geneva, 8/12/06

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  1. Maria says:

    I can see a different level of polished. Very structured and clean.
    I love the guy with knee high socks and burnt orange short pants: 100% HELVETICA Style!

  2. Frida says:

    The first picture is beautiful!

  3. eurobrat says:

    Merde. These people are gorgeous (albeit minimalist). I no longer feel sorry for you stuck in “unstylish” Switzerland. Though you did say Geneva was one of few style hotspots…

  4. Dawn says:

    I love the third lady.. Clean-cut chic.

  5. cOoL BoY says:

    Tremendous! The first and the last are so funny ! Kisses ! Face Hunter forever ! :P

  6. muixeta says:

    all the switzerland looks are great!! good job!!

  7. monacoloft says:

    ah SEPTIEME ETAGE girls…

  8. dévisageur says:

    euroadeleine: hahaha merci, even I think Zurich is the best style hotspot in Helvetia. Unfortunately I don’t have time to go there this time.

  9. maitresse says:

    the guy in the orange shorts is wearing something like what my boyfriend tries to leave the house in before I grab him by the scruf and make him change!

  10. hildemhg says:

    You find them everywhere!

  11. Maria Noland says:

    The colorful umbrella is the exact same one Kate Hudson had in Le Divorce.

  12. Ailsa says:

    Amazing… the first woman and the woman in the shift are so stunning, like from a classic movie.

    I need to go to Switzerland.

  13. Some of these are just so stark looking. They need some coloful stripes.

  14. Number one looks like an Audrey Hepburn classic.

  15. Lynda says:

    wow…just discovered your amazing blog and spent a good hour digging around.

    if you have a few minutes I’d love to have you submit it to our newish blog directory, delightfulblogs.com. I think our visitors would freak out with joy to discover your blog.

  16. geraldine says:

    le 7e étage est là… bravo. :)

  17. Johannes says:

    Thats an lovely umbrella!

  18. They are all so individual and unique without being FUGLY.