"the face hunter is the only one to sexualize its subjects."

I’ve forgotten to talk about one of the first serious articles about “street style” – published 2 weeks ago: “Street fashion blogs keep tabs on the world’s most stylish pedestrians.” by Justin Shubow. Serious… even there are some funny details about my work. It’s said that I “sexualize my subjects” and I “put decadent scenesters on display”. Do I really take dirty pictures?

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  1. oslostil says:

    Ha ha…!

    The pictures you take are admired by people all around the world. You do you`r thing and it`s sure something right about it.

    It altso proves that you can make people feel relaxed in front of the camera…and thats a challenge!


  2. I recently descovered your blog and I think it is great, I visit daily and really love it.
    Keep the good work :)

  3. Maria says:

    Sexuallize might be all that we manipulate to attract…It is not dirty, it is active and voluntary, and it relates to each own identity.

  4. Minny says:

    you don’t sexualize the subjects – the subjects sexualize themselves.

  5. Jajaja
    I love your blog! I`m always checking it out. And about you sexualizing your objects : These peole are so moralist and so hypocrite at the same time,In what world are they living?? Do they dont watch TV , movies… Sex is all around!
    I hate how peolpe sell sex like a “BAD THING” but nobody can live without.
    Keep on working =P

  6. citronmuffin says:

    you don’t make them objects, the thing is, they already look so fucking good everybody gets turned on just by looking at them, and that’s why they seem sexualized, cause all we want to do is to fuck the gorgeous people you get to take pics of.

  7. F.A. says:

    yes you do, and we hope you keep it that way

  8. deryik says:

    maybe it’s that u prefer to take photos of self-sexualized people. they sure have a style.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your subjects are no more sexualized than any venue of this sort, save for the image where the girl’s panties are showing. I thought that was a bit tasteless. The rest is golden.

  10. Lady Guedes says:

    I think we see what we want to see and that’s the way it should be.

    By the way, I am a huge fan of Face Hunter. I love faces, so that’s the perfect place to stop by and feed my inspiration. I did some drawings based on your photos and posted on my blog. I hope you don’t mind.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Maria – you said that beautifully.

  12. Ben Casement says:

    i don’t think you sexualize your subjects. i think they are no more sexual than good-looking, well-dressed people in paris are by default.

  13. “the facehunter” refers to Check it out and you’ll see what the review means – Sure, you’re a facehunter, too…

  14. stilinberlin says:

    at least you don’t prefer ordinary people in ordinary outfits like we do ……