shoboshobo 10bis, la générale, 8/30/06

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  1. maitresse says:

    is this the special gold chain-link necklace edition? ;)

  2. Elise says:

    Your blog is amazing!
    I love the girl in polkadots in this post. So cute.

  3. muixeta says:

    I was waiting for that fabouluse looks you always find out!! I have a similar red-spot t-shirt…when are you coming to bcn to take some pics?? great looks…kisses

  4. Minny says:

    pink sweater man = aoki takamasa?
    great music maker.

  5. mi says:

    La fille aux petits pois rouge est vraiment craquante! meme si on sature un peu des petits pois et des foulards, son look reste frais. c joli en toute simplicite.

  6. Madame K says:

    I love the crown sweatshirt and the bow chain necklace

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love the green pants in no. 3…looking comfy and fun

  8. dawn says:

    Girl in polka dots – so kitschy! I like!

  9. Frida says:

    The girl in the polkadot top looks amazing!

  10. Sabrina says:

    That’s the cutest spotted outfit ever ^-^

  11. Marc says:

    I love your BLOG. J’adooooooore regarder poser les gens…