my first "stylish world" column in COVER magazine (september issue)

For the first publication in the Danish magazine I choose to treat of Paris style. I’ll focus on a different city or event in every issue.

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  1. muixeta says:

    congratulations!! That’s fantastic and is the recognition for you daily heavy and interesting work!! Having a colum in the Cover magazine is so important…It’s something I’m trying to get but in my case writting articles about fashion, tendencies, ilustration and design but is so difficult…someday I’d get it (I’m not so sure but…why not)

  2. jerome says:

    good job!

    love the selection and those shorties even on untanned girls…

  3. Mélissa.S says:

    Congrat yvan =D
    I’m proud of you =]
    Cya tomorrow ♥ .

  4. Mathias says:

    Awesome. Congrats.

    Wonder if you could make the image a bit larger, it would be cool if you could see the caption as well :)

  5. pAralOx says:

    Nice display but the graphism is too much of the Self Service one but I know, it’s not your fault!!!

    Good for you anyway,


  6. Maria says:

    Yvan, fantastic work!
    You are so inspiring.
    -I like your editorial rationale too.-

  7. Sabrina says:

    Lovely! I like what you do, it’s good that you’re getting a lot of recognition! Keep up the brilliant work :D

  8. Madame K says:

    Congratulations, the spread looks great!

  9. CaroCiCaroCa says:


    these are definetly some of the most memorable fashion snapshots from your blog.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Babe
    Its Ouafa here, I told U they would love it:::

    Hope to see U in Berlin soon….